In 2008 I stepped in as a volunteer with a desire to learn more about the complexities of teen pregnancy with local community leaders. My feet landed in a West Dallas High School were the acronym “L.G.P. meant Let’s Get Pregnant.” It was an amazing three years working with students and encouraging them to use their imaginations.
Together we worked through moments of blank stares until we both realized the unlimited possibilities of trust. Through encouragement and exposure to different points of view, we built on new ideas. There is a deep desire in young people to learn how to help him or herself. When information is presented in ways that engage them to think, these kids are on fire.
This book documents my journey and the lives of people that touched my soul. I’ve learned from kids who inspired me with their eagerness to learn. By using a listening ear we started on a level playing field. My wish was and is, to address their needs and help them use the resources available to them to shape their dreams into reality. Working together with coaches, teachers and students I witnessed success, possibilities and a need for change.
When we know that cycles of poverty are due to social isolation and communication barriers that give birth to continuous poverty then we must learn a new language. We must try a new way. Our team went to the school to learn about the dangers of teen pregnancy. My outcome learned, was the need to bring role-play, and exposure to education in the classroom.
Real freedom is to think freely using constructive information that moves a person toward their desired outcome. Our values in this country are based on this type of freedom. There are many people who hunger for the freedom to think, they want to learn.
To understand, I had to learn by living and thinking it day by day through the lives of the young people that I met.
This is their story.

Contributions from book sales support programs for Empower American Children.



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    Candace Henry is a person who believes that all things are possible with imagination, hard work, and a plan or action. In Letters to Obama, she shares her understanding and experiences as she follows her purpose through mentorship.


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